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Helping you choose your lingerie wardrobe

We are lingerie experts.

For 35 years, the mother-daughter team of Susan and Eva Klein have been helping women find the perfect intimates at their retail store in Toronto, Canada.

Now, as the shopping world has changed, they are bringing this expertise to you, online.

How can they help you build your lingerie wardrobe?

1. We truly care about improving your lingerie knowledge so you know what’s out there for you.

2. We want to show every woman, regardless of her size, shape, budget, and personal taste, that she can be in quality, presentable, and pleasant lingerie that suits her lifestyle, her body, and her desires.

3. We know how wearing the right lingerie can transform certain aspects of a woman's life. And this is not a small thing. A well-loved, well-fitted lingerie wardrobe contributes to the overall happiness and contentment of a woman.

To convince you further, here are 5 amazing benefits of wearing the right lingerie to make you think twice before deciding you don’t need to invest in your lingerie wardrobe.


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