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How do I find the right bra for my body type?

Bust types typically fall into three categories: shallow bust, average bust and full bust. We can recommend the best bras for you once you’ve identified your bust type.

If your breasts lack volume at the top, your bust shape is most likely "shallow". In some cases, you may have lost firmness due to pregnancy or weight change. You have a "Shallow" bust

If your breasts are perky and have an apple shape, then most bra styles are able to accommodate you. You have an "Average" bust. 

If your breast have an all around melon shape and are as round at the top as they are at the bottom, your bust shape is most likely "full". You have a "Full" bust. 

There are even more specific factors that go into consideration when recommending the best bra for your body: your breasts may be “wide or narrow set”, you may be “petite” have “sloped shoulders” or have a “long torso”. All of these factors can go into identifying the best bra for you.