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How do I know if a bra fits correctly?

You should have a professional fitting at least once a year, but in between, you can perform your own spot checks by using our “points of fit” guide below.

Points of Fit:
Straps: Should sit straight and flat, there should be tension, but you should be able to run a finger under them comfortably.

Cups: Should lay flat against the body. If there is gapping at the top of the cup, you probably need to go down one cup size. If your breasts are ‘bulging out’ of the top cup, you need to go up at least one cup size

Center Gore (center front): Should lay perfectly flat with your breast bone. If it is painful and digging in, you need either one cup size bigger or a different style of bra.

Underwire: Should rest under the arm pit just behind the breast tissue, not on the breast tissue. We like to equate this concept to a letter and an envelope: the envelope (underwire) must be slightly larger than the letter (breast) so that the letter fits comfortably inside. If the underwire pokes or rests on top of the breast, you need a larger cup size or a different style of bra for your body type.

Band: Should lay straight (horizontal / parallel to the floor) and low across the back. It should fit snug, but you should be able to put one finger underneath. This is the most important “point of fit” in a bra since 70% of the support comes from the band! If you can fit more than one finger under the band or the band is “riding up” in the back, you need to go down at least one band size.