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How do I know if my bra straps are adjusted properly?

Below are some guidelines to make sure your straps are adjusted properly. Your straps should sit straight (vertically), there should be tension, but you should be able to run a finger under them comfortably.

You should avoid the following:

Straps too tight: If your straps are digging in and doing too much work, your band may be too loose. The weight of the breasts should be lifted from the band, not pulled up from the straps.

Straps too loose: Your straps should not be pulled in towards your neck. This happens when your straps need to be tightened more, but they are adjusted as far as they can go. You then try to pull them inward to lift your breasts more or to keep them from falling off of your shoulders. You may need to find a bra with more strap adjustability (fully-adjustable straps), go down a band size so the band does the lifting instead of the straps, or this may not be a good style for your body type.