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Why do my bra straps fall off my shoulders?

Your straps should sit straight (vertically), there should be tension, but you should be able to run a finger under them comfortably.

If your straps are constantly falling down, you may need to find a bra with more strap adjustability (fully-adjustable straps), go down a band size so the band does the lifting instead of the straps, or this may not be a good style for your body type.

You may be one of these body types:

Petite Body Frame: The distance between your bra cups and your shoulder are less than the average woman.

Sloping Shoulders: Your shoulders slope downward slightly making it difficult for the straps to stay in place.

For both of the above, we recommend trying bras that have centered straps and/or fully-adjustable straps. When a bra has “centered straps” the cup attaches to the strap more towards the center rather than the outer side of the cup closest to the armpit.